Vusion Electronic Shelf Lables

The Key enabler to the Retail IoT revolution. Discover the quintessence of five years of intensive R&D and the highest Electronic Shelf Labels quality in the industry.

Digital price tags

Labels are no longer just a simple, passive mechanism for displaying prices. They play a much bigger role in giving information to staff and customers. They are “micro web pages” that display essential omnichannel data. These elements enhance the in-store user experience by saving time and helping both staff and shoppers make informed decisions.

An all-new design (Red Dot Award)

Sleek and modern, VUSION Tags fit every environment seamlessly. Thinner than any tag before, it adds a modern touch to every store. Available in a variety of colors, VUSION Tags remain elegant while fitting the retailer’s corporate design.

An all-new design (Red Dot Award)

Beautiful fixing for every situation

Standing on its own, attached to a shelf or on exclusive rails, which provide the best fit for the labels, VUSION comes with a variety of clips and stands to choose from. Each option marries well with the elegant designed electronic shelf labels, and provides a level of security and flexibility that was never seen before.


A 48.0 × 36.6 mm label with an 140 DPI Full Graphic E Ink display of 152 x 152 pixels. This label works from 10°C to 40°C and has high end batteries living up to 5 years (1 update / day).

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Vusion 1.6"
Futureproof ESL Technology

Futureproof ESL Technology

Come from highly reliable and market-leading suppliers, ensuring the highest ESL quality in the industry (100% inline test success) with unique features.

You deserve better knowledge

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