Meet Joan: The #1 Meeting Room Booking System

Meet Joan: The #1 Meeting Room Booking System

Joan is the smartest Meeting Room Booking system on the market. It's simple to install, easy to use and sustainable. Have better meetings with Joan.

The modern workplace

A new era of workplace transformation is upon us. Rapid advancements in office technology enable dynamic working modes, increasing flexibility, collaboration, and connectivity.

In a world of such daring changes, information is passed quickly, frequently, and directly. Millions of meetings are scheduled and held on a daily basis, but more doesn’t always mean better.

More people are having more meetings

With the number of meetings increasing, office space has become the second-biggest expense for organizations. And when these are badly planned and managed, their effects are reflected in poor office workforce satisfaction and lack of productivity

Joan is the answer

Joan is the answer

Built on ten years of customer feedback, Joan was designed to upgrade your meeting culture and introduce leading meeting room management to the modern workplace.

With Joan, the time needed to find a meeting room is reduced to zero. Which in turn increases the productivity of meetings and saves company time and money.


Scheduling & Finding

Quickly find and schedule everything you might need in an office. Meetings, free meeting rooms, desks, huddle spaces or even co-workers. Book meetings on the spot, through your existing desktop calendar or your mobile phone.


are lost looking for a place to meet in an average SMB each year.

Optimize Scheduling & Finding
Elevate your office experience
Elevate your

office experience

Joan integrates into your office and eliminates what bothers office workers the most. Meeting room interruptions, double bookings, and no-show meetings. It takes your meeting culture to the next level and, thanks to its customization features, adopts your company logo, style, and language in no time.


per employee in an average SMB are lost each year to meeting interruptions.


office efficiency

Take control of your office and stop squandering resources. Joan detects and eliminates any unattended meetings, uncluttering your calendar and freeing up space and time, while saving unnecessary rental costs. Take the guesswork out of your office management with Joan’s meeting room usage analytics.

1,400 meeting hours

or almost $70,000 are lost each year due to unattended meetings in an average SMB.

Boost office efficiency

The simplest solution for the modern workplace

From installation to use, Joan is created to fit, seamlessly and without hassle.

Simple installation

The devices are completely cordless and can be attached to any surface, even glass. Without tools, bolts or brackets.

Smooth onboarding

Built with an intuitive user interface and a smooth and tested user experience, Joan is easy to deploy, manage, and use.

High efficient

99% more energy efficient than LCDs, with an unparalleled battery life, Joan is the most sustainable solution on the market.

Pays for itself

An ideal solution for those who want to ensure ROI when investing in conference room efficiency.

Joan 6

Simple. Flexible. Frictionless.

Remote or on-the-spot booking on an interactive touch screen. Our most popular Joan device comes with advanced Wi-Fi encryption and meeting room analytics for a comprehensive overview of your resources. The best choice for companies that experience meeting interruptions or double bookings.

  • fullscreen 6-inch (4:3) interactive screen
  • touch_app Full capacitive touch screen interface
  • battery_charging_full Up to 3 months battery autonomy
  • invert_colors Available in slate gray or graphite black
Joan 6
Joan 13

Joan 13

Smart. Slick. Seamless.

Built to be a versatile information board, Joan 13 adapts to your needs. Use it to check a single room’s availability and upcoming meetings, show your co-workers’ status, or display the occupancy of up to 9 meeting rooms at once. Although ideal for finding and scheduling, the device can also be applied in areas such as hospitality, wayfinding or transportation.

  • fullscreen 13.3-inch (4:3) non-touch screen
  • border_all Supports multiple rooms
  • battery_charging_full Up to 12 months battery autonomy
  • invert_colors Available in slate gray or graphite black

Joan on any device

Your hardware. Joan’s functionalities.

Navigate the workplace transformation your way. Selecting Joan’s Premium plan allows you to add Joan’s functionalities to your own device. Joan integrates with smart TV sets, digital signage and tablet devices*. The best choice for those who enjoy our software, but are not looking for a hardware upgrade.

Joan on any device

Much more than a device.

Joan Portal

Joan Portal

Manage everything in one place. The Joan Portal. Check the battery and the Wi-Fi signal, adjust device settings, and test beta features.

Mobile app

Mobile app

Bring your Joan along. Use our mobile app for booking, canceling, overview, and easier management of your meeting rooms.



Don’t interrupt your work in Slack or any other supported chat application. Send a message to Joanbot instead and let Joan schedule your meetings in the room of your choice.

A 360 solution.

Room analytics

Room analytics

Stop wasting company resources. Get a weekly report on your company’s bookable space usage to check which rooms are most popular and which ones are left unattended.

Warm welcome

Warm welcome

Joan automatically sends out a slick reminder email with meeting details and instructions on where to go and who to call in case of questions or changes.

Joan's API

Joan's API

Add Joan’s features to your applications, products, and services and create your own smart office with Joan’s free API.

Supported Platforms
Supports: G Suite (former Google Apps; Google Calendar); Office 365, Microsoft Exchange (Outlook); and iCalendar (.ics).
Who use Joan
Who use joan

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