Urban by Visionect and Mercury

Visionect and Mercury Innovation partnership powers versatile electronic paper signage solutions in public transportation around the world.

Meet the urban

Meet the urban.

The only place & play digital bus stop information board. Real-time bus arrivals, service notifications and site-specific information on a solar-powered, ready-to-use bus stop. No wires and no expensive infrastructure investments. A full-stack solution to quickly validate and deploy a city-wide communications system.

Powered by Visionect, designed by Mercury Innovation.

Meet the urban

Real-time information

Arrival times and advanced passenger information. In real time.


Instant updates

Fully customizable via Wi-Fi and 4G. All locations at once, with just one click.


Cost savings

Updates from a remote location. No need to physically visit the stop, decreasing the strain on staff.


Off the grid

Completely independent from the electrical grid. Powered by solar energy, an abundant natural resource.


Readable at day and night

Paperlike daytime readability, even in direct sunlight. Frontlight for impeccable nighttime visibility.


Extreme power efficiency

99% more power efficient than comparable LCD or LED technologies.


Uninterrupted functionality

Active even during power outages. Flawless operation in any weather.


Energy optimization

Ultra low power consumption. Uses energy only when updating content.


Smart City

Essential part of the Smart City ecosystem. Greenest mobility.

The future of real-time passenger information.

Visionect electronic paper products power versatile signage solutions in industries worldwide. Among them are solar-powered, real-time arrival information boards installed at bus stops across the globe, fulfilling the communication needs of a comprehensive public transport system without the need for a city power connection.

Cutting Edge Solution To A long-Standing Problem

Cutting Edge Solution To A long-Standing Problem

Digital bus stops provide user friendly service information about schedules, routes, traffic updates and more. Solar-powered, Visionect’s bus stops make it easy to deploy transport information boards city-wide, lowering implementation costs and decreasing operational work. They are ideal for locations where access to an energy source is not a given.

Service Information To Enhance Ridership

Service Information To Enhance Ridership

Traditional static bus stop signs can easily be replaced with electronic paper displays that have no glare and sustain high-end visibility even in direct sunlight. Providing real-time passenger information and estimated times of arrival via cellular networks, the bus stops improve ridership and allow transport agencies to take proactive control of their fleet, reducing strain on resources.

Improving Transit Across The Globe

Improving Transit Across The Globe

Visionect-powered digital bus stops are deployed on five continents. They represent the perfect fusion of Visionect’s System Boards and electronic paper displays, integrated into public transport solutions realized by the expertise of our global technology partners. Centrally managed and monitored by the Visionect Software Suite.

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